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Product design & development​

Starting from mechanical design and visualization, to electronics/components and packaging design, our team of experts provides you with the complete product development service. Years of combined experience in the industry enables us to offer you detailed insight from the first concept through to production, making sure your strict guidelines are met.

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At B2Bespoke we understand the fundamental importance of prototyping. We are dedicated to use most advance prototyping tools, including 3D printing in order to bring your ideas into life. In our in-house facilities we take advantage of rapid-prototyping technologies so that you can see your project taking real shape at each stage of the development process

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Quality of service is at the forefront of everything we do. It allows us to use creative and cost effective manufacturing solutions that seamlessly bring your product from the prototyping stage into the mass volume product manufacturing. Our own production facility where the assembly takes place, gives us ultimate control over the final outcome of the whole manufacturing process.

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Free consultancy

The team at B2Bespoke are passionate about our work and the solutions provided to our customers. We understand the difficulties delivering the right product to the market. In order to achieve the very best results we know that this is a collaboration oriented process. That is why we offer a free consultancy service for every customer to ensure we are the right fit for you. Get in touch with us.

Ideas and designs protection

The importance of protecting your ideas and designs cannot be underestimated. Collaboration with our clients is build on mutual trust. Starting with non-disclosure agreements that we tend to sign with our clients and subcontractors too, all the way to project coding for each stage from development to production. Your original ideas and designs are kept safe and protected with us.


We are aware of the fact that not every company we work with will have have access to a variety of key resources to support their product development. That is why we offer you our own in-house R&D department as well as comprehensive range of partners we have acquired through years of experience in the industry. All this to assist you at various stages of your product design, development and manufacturing - depending on your custom requirements.

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